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Online casino with withdrawal to Yandex Money

Yandex Money is one of the most popular electronic payment systems in Russia. Not surprisingly, there are quite a few online casinos focused on this market that accept Yandex Money for deposits and withdrawals. This is a convenient and fast method, although not without minor drawbacks. But players often use it. The procedure is not difficult. If you have already used this payment system, then there will be nothing new for you. It doesn't matter if you've made a deposit or paid for purchases before. The steps will be about the same.

How to replenish the casino account through Yandex Money?

  • First of all, you need to enter your personal account
  • Go to the Cashier and open Electronic Wallets or another suitable section
  • Select Yandex Money and specify the amount in the window that opens, then click on Pay< /li>
  • Then you will be sent to the payment system page to confirm and complete the payment
  • After you have confirmed the payment, the Yandex Wallet deposit is credited to your online casino account

There are some features that apply to this method, but wallet owners are probably already aware of them. This system does not provide wallets in different currencies, only rubles are allowed. And this is not always convenient. Although this is not critical for players, because there are many establishments focused on the Russian market, and all of them must offer accounts in rubles.

But even if you want to replenish your gaming account in dollars or another currency, you can do it. Just rubles from Yandex Money will be converted into dollars or another currency that you need. Of course, the situation is not critical, but nevertheless, in this regard, competitors, for example, Webmoney, have an advantage, since they allow opening wallets in different currencies and then the exchange is not needed. Some Yandex Wallet users complain about unfavorable exchange rates, especially during periods of instability.

There is one more inconvenient moment, but it will apply to users who are not residents of Russia, who want to replenish their casino account through Yandex Money. By simply registering, they can make payments and replenish wallets, but withdrawals will be closed until verification is completed. And for this you need to meet with a representative of the payment system, which you can’t always find outside of Russia, or send notarized copies of documents to the company. Not everyone will agree to this.

Withdrawals from the casino

The transfer to your payment account takes place instantly. But each casino has its own deadlines for processing requests. That is, when you put money on withdrawal, the request will first be checked. And if the operator sees fit, you will be asked to verify your account before you can receive your funds.

The processing time of the application may be different and not always the casinos fit into the established framework. Usually operators promise to be in time within 2-3 days. But there are those who work much faster. Keep in mind that in some establishments, withdrawals are possible only on weekdays during business hours.

Deposits through Yandex Money. Legal or not?

Players do not violate Russian law when they fund their casino account, regardless of the chosen method. As for the rules of the Yandex Money payment system, there is only a clause regarding cards. The credit balance on the card (the amount allowed for issuing a loan) cannot be spent on gambling. Otherwise, there are no restrictions on the balance of the wallet or the debit balance of the card.

However, there is a general ban in the country for financial organizations, including payment systems, to conduct transactions with gambling operators that are not licensed in the country. This law also applies to Yandex Money, so theoretically problems with replenishing a casino account may arise. Although in practice players and operators continue to use this method.

What to prefer WebMoney or Yandex Money?

Yandex Money has some minor drawbacks when compared with its main competitor. This is an exclusively ruble wallet and the need to convert rubles if another currency is needed makes it less attractive. In this case, the exchange rate can be very unfavorable. If your casino account is not in rubles, then when withdrawing, you will first be exchanged money, and then credited with rubles.

The need to send documents certified by a notary by mail or meet with a company representative who may not be in your country is also a problem. Although it concerns only non-residents of Russia.

Finally, it can be noted that casinos with replenishment through Yandex Money are noticeably smaller than those who accept WebMoney. Otherwise, both systems are similar. Therefore, you can choose any, if Yandex's shortcomings do not bother you.

There is another point, now about WebMoney. Officially, the company prohibits gambling payments, although in reality this ban is not given any importance. Therefore, payments calmly pass from the players and back to them from the casino. But still, keep in mind that they have such a rule, which is a little alarming.

List of casinos with instant withdrawal to Yandex Wallet

Despite the fact that this payment system is less popular in gambling establishments than some of its competitors, it is common. You can find it with operators who work for the Russian audience. Below is a list of online casinos where you can use Yandex Wallet for deposits and withdrawals.

All operators on our list are licensed. But basically it's a Curacao license. Only a few establishments that accept this payment method are licensed in Malta or the UK. And when it comes to Curacao, you need to pay more attention to the level of reliability of the operator.

All establishments on this page go according to the rating. The top positions are occupied by those casinos that have good performance in all criteria: reliability, convenience, entertainment. This rating is as objective as possible, since the rating is calculated automatically by a special algorithm that excludes the subjective opinion of one or more people.

In the right menu on this page, you can set the necessary parameters: license, developers, additional payment methods, currency and language. All this will narrow the search, and it will be easier for you to choose the best Yandex Money casino for yourself.


This is a good option for gamblers. It certainly has some minor flaws, but overall there are no major inconveniences. The main problem for Russian users is conversion. But you will find many establishments that allow you to open a gaming account in rubles. Collapse

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