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Small businesses seeking accounting software suitable to their size.

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QuickBooks is accounting software for small businesses. Manage all your finances with either our licensed or online version. Instant access to customer, vendor and employee information. Free support and upgrades with online version. Comes with a 30 day free trial.

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Starting Price $5.00/month/user
Contact QuickBooks for pricing details.
Deployment Installed - Mac
Installed - Windows
Web-Based, Cloud, SaaS
iPhone / iPad
Training In Person
Live Online
Support 24/7 (Live Rep)

Pros:"Then dig in and learn the minor changes that are on the software. The customer service has been the best and very helpful.""Straight forward and easy to train bookkeepers on its use. The help functions are great because it contains solutions so many different scenarios and questions from similar users.""Wonderful software especially for start-ups to set up payroll and ensure all proper taxes, commission, and more is done accurately and easily. Gives great confidence payroll is accurate.""This software is great for your everyday business owner, very easy to learn and to use. I like that you do not have to be an accountant to use this."
Cons:"There is a slight lack of flexibility and timing. If you do not have your payroll in on the exact timeframe required there is no undoing that mistake.""I also don't like the way you have to allocate a purchase credit note to the original purchase order - it is far too confusing and causes many errors by my clients.""The res of your reps I have spoken to since March really don't seem to know and when I mention that they are providing conflicting info they blame it on "oh well sorry that person was mistaken.""She not only helped with that problem but stayed on the phone with me for almost an hour and a half and walked me through a ton of other bookkeeping problems I had."

“Value for the money is incredible”

Great, would recommend! Any sort of business needs accounting software, and your business should use Quickbooks. If given the choice, we would use this again.
The seamless integrations, technical (both IT & Accounting) support, and intuitive user interface provides a great experience for automating a small or midsize operation
It loads slowly -- I feel like Quickbooks constrains the amount of servers it dedicates to this platform. There are businesses that have far more transactions that we, and it still takes a while for reports or pages to render.
Alternatives Considered: 
FreshBooks, Excel and Sage 100cloud
Reasons for Choosing QuickBooks: 
The automation and integrations. Our transactions book seamlessly and we don't have to spend a lot of time on non-value add activities such as month end reconciliations.
Switched From: 
Sage 100cloud
Reasons for Switching to QuickBooks: 
Ease of use and separation of systems. Sage is great for large, industrial ERP uses. Quickbooks is better for small, nimble divisions.

“Quickbooks Online - Rock Solid Accounting Software!”

Overall it's been a positive experience. We've used Quickbooks from the very beginning and have no plans to change anytime soon!
Quickbooks is very user-friendly. When I took on the accounting duties for our company, I never had any accounting software background before using Quickbooks, but I was easily able to understand how to use it quickly. One of the best features for me is the customization of reports/templates. Once you understand how to customize reports and use recurring templates it becomes a huge time saver. In addition, since it is a popular accounting software, there is always a lot of answers available online, youtube, customer service, etc.
One thing I wished Quickbooks added is the ability to import an excel file into a bill. Our employees submit expense reports in excel and I would like a function that allows me to import it into a bill. Right now I have to manually copy and paste the information from the excel expense report into a bill. I asked someone in customer service about this and they said it wasn't an available feature yet. It would save a lot of time!!!
Switched From: 
Reasons for Switching to QuickBooks: 
We wanted out accounting to be available online so we could access it from anywhere.

“I have used QuickBooks for years but I don't use the payroll portion of it. ”

The best thing about QuickBooks is the speed and ease with which you can reconcile your bank statements. Assuming you keep up to date on entering your checks (and I know that's a big assumption) you can zip thru a bank statement in a matter of minutes. That part of QuickBooks I give 5 giant shiny stars! It's also very easy to categorize your income and expenses. I then use their income and expense reports to complete my corporate tax return each year. Finally, it's fast and easy to enter both income and expenses. The basics are great, but it's not all roses.
I've got several gripes in the "Cons" department. First, QuickBooks updates a lot! And sometimes you need to pay for those updates because some feature you had in your previous version doesn't work with the new version. I don't want to think about how much I have actually paid for this software over the years! And quite often, all that has changed is the "look and feel" of the software and more often than not the update isn't doing anything new that the previous version didn't do, at least for my needs. Does that sound familiar? I wonder if some of the QuickBooks people have come over from the Microsoft camp and brought their bag of tricks with them. Another issue is the online features... like automatically downloading from your bank accounts or investment accounts. I don't want to do that and would just as soon not have to pay for updates that add or improve those features. A plus is that you can email an invoice to a client and they have the option to pay you on line from that invoice. That's nice, but the charges for that are very high compared to other similar services. Besides using QuickBooks, I have many clients that also use it. Their biggest gripe is the high cost every year of updating the payroll portion of the program, which, in reality, is just updating a few numbers, if any, in the annual tax tables embedded in the program. You should be able to enter those manually and not have to pay a ransom for that "update".

“Big improvement over the desktop version”

The newer online version is two thumbs up. I had a CPA that recommended I go back to the program and very glad that I took his advice. The new streamlined format is exactly what I need for my business.
I love the fact that I can check out, update and work all my financials from my ipad, phone and computer. I used to use the older Quickbooks desktop version years ago. I dumped it because it was really hard to use. I am a Chiropractor and not a CPA. The past couple of years we have been using the online version and it is exactly what I wanted/needed for the finances and my Chiropractic office.
The only problem that I had was, setting up the original accounts and Paypal. I did not set the original accounts up correctly. My bookkeeper fixed all this and explained it to me. From there everything worked out great. Except for the PayPal app. I am happy that I do not do much business through PayPal because it is the only account that I need to spend some real time with to reconcile and make sure I do not have duplicate transactions.
Switched From: 
Reasons for Switching to QuickBooks: 
I moved from Quickbooks Pro to doing my bookkeeping in Microsoft Excel because I could not get Quickbooks Pro to do what I wanted it to do. My CPA recommended that I move back to the Quickbooks Online program because the interface is different. I trusted him and very glad I did. I am sure that the Quickbooks Pro, at that time, was an awesome program. But, for me I could not get it to perform the way I wanted to. The new format was very easy for me to implement, understand and pull reports that helped me with my business financials.





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