HealthQuest 3.0

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HealthQuest 3.0

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Independent Pharmacies, Pharmacy Chains, Travel Clinics, Health Clinics & Health Care Offices. Pharmacists, Nurses & Doctors.

Product Details

HQ3 (HealthQuest 3.0) is online appointment management software designed to help enable and expand new health services and vaccinations in pharmacies and clinics. From online booking to pre and post appointment management, HQ3 will help you expand your services, save your time and provide exceptional patient care. Travel Services, General Vaccinations & Health Clinics. Feature rich patient management. Canadian based. Live toll-free help line.

Contact Details

Founded in 1995
Located in Canada

Starting Price $1200.00/year
Multiple branch/year discounts apply
Deployment Installed - Mac
Installed - Windows
Web-Based, Cloud, SaaS
iPhone / iPad
Training In Person
Live Online
Support Business Hours

“HQ enables me to wonderfully schedule my pharmacy appointments, giving me more time to do pt. care!”

The ability to schedule all my pharmacy appointments has enabled me to focus on patient care and not on the technicalities of booking appointments. I love that pts. can re-schedule their appt. from home.
The health questionnaires are very, very helpful and I often gather information on my pts. that I didn't previously have :)
Having to adjust the public booking hours, which is quite a tedious task. If the "page" could include more dates then I wouldn't have to keep on clicking "next page".

“Very friendly and helpful staff. A definite asset to our daily workflow.”

Time saving
Easy to navigate and make appointments. Our tech savvy customers love the online booking feature but it is also easy for us to book appointments in-store. With the help of the techs we have been able to modify and add new services as our pharmacy clinics have expanded. Tech support is available when needed.
We needed training initially to get familiar with the program, a step-by-step guide would be beneficial. It's not easy to change the format or templates. It must be done by tech support with limited staff.

“This program saves me so much money and time as it streamlines my booking process”

The fact that patients are responsible for entering their own information- I have everything I need before that patient sees me in my office
Currently there has been a glitch where some of prepopulated info has disappeared- Rx directions have disappeared

“Great functionality that allows us to run our pharmacy based travel clinic efficiently”

The features that allow for our medical director and pharmacists to communicate about patient files in a secure way, the ability to generate prescriptions and to track booster doses
It would be fantastic if the software integrated with pharmacy dispensing systems as there is a lot of duplication of work. As well, if it interfaced with CPSO's database to allow for MD information to be populated in so that faxes can be sent with more ease.





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