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Zed Axis

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Designed for small & medium size businesses using QuickBooks Desktop, Online or POS systems, it is a data entry application that helps users import data in mutiple formats, manage invoices & more.

Product Details

Data entry management tool that enables users to modify, delete or transfer transactions from Excel to QuickBooks desktop application.

Contact Details

Founded in 2005
Located in Australia

Starting Price $195.00/one-time
Deployment Installed - Mac
Installed - Windows
Web-Based, Cloud, SaaS
iPhone / iPad
Training In Person
Live Online
Support Business Hours

Zed Axis

Zed Axis

Zed Axis

“Greatr Multi-platform use”

We are very pleased with its performance and would highly recommend.
We have been using this product for EDI purposes to import into QB Pro. The ease of use of this product along with the dependability makes this a go-to product for this type of integration. Currently working on purchasing additional licenses for use in importing invoices, lists and streamlining other segments in accounting. This is one of the easiest integration apps into QB I have used.
Unless you've used this type of software before, you need to watch the tutorial for things to make sense.

“Feedback on Transferring Excel and Quickbooks Bill Payments ”

I talked to Steve in customer service. He told me I needed to be downloading the bills rather than the bill payments. However, that is very time consuming to go back and reprint the checks, and assign the correct bill/discount/credit/ check number to the invoices that have already been paid. We are back to reentering the checks manually on my quickbooks. I LOVE USING ZED for transferring information between excel and quickbooks. However, it hasn't saved time for us in transferring bill payments. Overall I think it is a GREAT software. We just have an unusual need.
We purchased the Zed software to transfer checks from the accounts payable clerks to quickbooks on my computer. Owner does not want the computers linked due to risk of accidentally sharing of confidential information from my computer. All payroll, bank reconciliations and financial statements are prepared only from my computer. Therefore we needed to transfer the checks used to pay the bills via the quickbooks A/P system to my computer. We also use the Zed software to enter massive detailed journal entries from excel. Zed works GREAT for this application. Has saved hours of tedious detailed re-entry of journal entries to QB.
I haven't found it to save much time on transferring the bill payment checks to my computer. I can easily download the bill payments from the A/P clerk's computers, but the actual bill coding is unavailable. The coding only reflects that the check paid an amount from A/P. I was able to create a report from the A/P computer that I then downloaded to excel that contained both the bill payment checks and related expense coding. However, the time it took to manipulate the data from the downloaded report to an uploaded version needed by the Zed software took more time than entering the checks manually.
Reasons for Choosing Zed Axis: 
We looked at other products, but Zed seemed the most user friendly.

“Good Idea - Bad Implementation”

The system did not work for me, the Support was not able to help, I spent money and time, and ended up entering data manually. Am looking for another solution which is easy to use, with accessible support.
The idea is great, am an accountant, I use QuickBooks a lot, and I need a tool to help me transfer data from Excel to QuickBooks on a daily basis.
As soon as I heard about the software, I installed the demo version, during which I spent time trying to test the software to import data, the trial ended without me being able to have a conclusion, I bought the software and tried to schedule a live session(supposedly free within one month of purchase), the only time available was almost a little before the end of the free support month, and the earliest was 10 PM (Support is based in Australia). On the session day, I stayed at office till 10 PM and I tried to start the session, no body answered, I made several calls and sent support team several emails, I said may be he has another session with other client and it took more than expected, after one hour gave up and went home, next day I received an email saying we are sorry we could not make it yesterday.After words I tried to set the system on me own using the templates provided on the website, and every time I had an error massages that I ended up entering data manually.

“Love the software. It makes our life so much easier importing sales to Quick Books”

The best way to import your sales to QB.
So easy to use. We used to input all our sales manually to QB, after we purchased Zed Axis we have been able to import them all in just one click.





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