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Apigee Edge

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Cloud-based API management solution that provides businesses of all sizes with tools to monitor, analyze, monetize and publish APIs across applications via a developer portal.

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API management solution that provides developers with tools to monitor, analyze, monetize and publish APIs across applications.

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“Apigee Edge as API Proxy”

API Gateway, security, Request throttling, Web policy and Proxy services.
we use Apigee EDGE as our API Gateway and Proxy and we deploy close to 200 microservices behind this proxy. We integrated SAML based authentication, request throttling and service policies for different categories of Microservices
Price could be cheaper. But otherwise fantastic software with all features needed for a wholistic Gateway solution.

“We use the Apigee Edge Platform for our API solution. ”

The best part about this solution is that it runs, once it was set up and configured we have had little to no issues. They also provide a very nice selection of additional services that will support your API solution to market or implement.
The company I was working for planned to detach from its parent company and branch off independently. We needed Apigee to migrate us away from the parent companies account and to create our own, The informed us that this was possible with out any disruption but after paying out thousands to them and spending weeks preparing for the migration . We later found out that a migration to our own Apigee account would force all of our partners to make a major change on their end causing downtime. We can't afford the downtime so we had to stay on the parent companies account and come up with an alternate plan to detach from the account.

“Great API management for security and availability”

Easier API management, analytics and security
Apigee provides a wide range of features that an API developer should monitor to develop a highly available and secured api, while the developer focuses best on the API functionality.
Th learning curve for Apigee to learn initially. Apigee has great UI but user experience is bit uncomfortable

“Loving the Apigee platform”

What i like most about this product is the developer portal. It was super easy to build and is even easire to manage.
What I like least about Apigee is the support. Everything is done through a portal and through email and you can end up spending a lot of time emailing to clarify an issue when you could have the same issue clarified in 10 minutes with a phone call.





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