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Calyx Point

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Primarily catering to lenders, brokers, mortgage bankers, community banks, credit unions, and nonprofits, it is a mortgage solution provider that helps with electronic document management.

Product Details

Calyx Software, the #1 provider of mortgage solutions for banks, credit unions, mortgage bankers and brokers, is dedicated to offering reliable and affordable software that streamlines, integrates and optimizes all phases of the loan process. All Calyx products are designed to maximize profitability by enabling more loans to close quickly.

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Calyx Software
Founded in 1998
Located in United States

Starting Price Not provided by vendor
Contact Calyx Software for pricing details.
Deployment Installed - Mac
Installed - Windows
Web-Based, Cloud, SaaS
iPhone / iPad

Pros:"It is awesome that i can separate their profile to different folders i wish to have as long as it is connected with my computer's jungle disc.""Calyx Point is an outstanding program and I highly recommend it to the mortgage industry.""Customer service is great and very helpful and informative.""I liked used Calyx because it of the amount of features on the software platform."
Cons:"This software has been a staple in the mortgage industry throughout the years. M disappointed that the interface ability is still very poor in my opinion.""My experience was hard the first time working on it.""Pricing options are limited. Get cornered with higher prices even when volume increases and have to use this vendor.""It's 2018 and this is a dos program that is not web based. Their thing about security is lame and pathetic."

“Mortgage Loan Management Made Easy”

I am a user and administrator. I have integrated stand alone and hosted systems on many occasions. I love the completeness of this application. I have not seen any other that has so much in one place. As a team manager Calyx Point makes my job easier.
Calyx Point has every single aspect of the mortgage loan process integrated into one application. I have used others in the past but none compare. They offer stand alone and hosted applications. This software can support a 2 person organization to 100s of loan processors with ease. Single point management makes managing the application seamless.
This is a large application and you have a lot of users you will need in house IT to support all of the integration. Although Calyx has great support you need someone to be there for day to day computing issues.

“I shopped for better value (price and feature) systems, and didn't find any. ”

Point has been a mainstay of Loan Origination Systems for years. I've used several of the biggest name products (Encompass, Genesis, LendingQB) and Point offers some of the best feature/price balance available. It does NOT try to be all things - it's an LOS. Other sytems attempt to include CRM, and advanced marketing, and rules and engines, but for a small mortgage brokerage, there are better 3rd party tools to do all of that, and Point does a good job at playing well with others. Combined with a hosted server, it's very secure, easy to navigate, and integrates with all the major players in the space. It does have all of the necessary loan origination tools, it updated regularly to keep pace with changes in the industry, and it FEELS like you're entering data directly onto a paper loan application, so there is very little learning curve.
The interface hasn't been updated since 2004 - maybe longer, so it looks like software from the Windows XP era. It also doesn't know how to handle custom forms other than Word, or custom views or custom much of anything else. It's an installed application, with a lot of function, but if you're looking for something cloud-based, or infinitely flexible, this isn't it.

“WARNING: Potential for expensive software failure ... unresolved.”

I use it in my daily business as a Mortgage Broker.
Old, ancient, familiar software. Interfaces well with Fannie Mae DO ... and credit reporting vendors. INKit e-signing is convenient yet potentially dangerous to Mortgage Broker's income.
Unstable ... data entered correctly does not always flow through to the critically important Loan Estimate (LE) ... yet their INKit system will then send out an incorrect Loan Estimate (LE) that could cost the Mortgage Broker $1,000's of dollars ... and worst of all ... they take zero responsibility for the accuracy of their software ... and choose to define the problem as "unkown" ... before telling the Mortgage Broker "too bad you lost money" using our product ... their corporate culture is as old & ancient as their software ... search for an alternative.

“Calyx Point is great!”

Calyx Point is a great software for mortgage brokers/bankers, originator & processors to use. Great for reports with tons of different customizable options. Very user friendly.
The software is pretty self explanatory and easy to use. Features "Read Only" mode if multiple users are in a file at the same time so you don't have to worry about multiple save versions.
They update the software too often. Sometimes there will be 2 mandatory updates within a 2 week period, instead of just lumping both updates into one.





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