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infrastructure contractors in transportation, utility, oil and gas, power, industrial, and commercial construction.

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Used by more than 50,000 estimators and 48 of the ENR Top 50 heavy civil contractors, HeavyBid estimating software quickly and accurately prepares a detailed cost estimate based on previous work; and then easily convert it into a bid. Plus, compare subcontractor and supplier quotes and conduct self-perform versus subcontractor analysis.

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Founded in 1986
Located in United States

Starting Price Not provided by vendor
Free Demo Yes
Deployment Installed - Mac
Installed - Windows
Web-Based, Cloud, SaaS
iPhone / iPad
Training In Person
Live Online
Support 24/7 (Live Rep)

Pros:"HCSS's support is the best I have ever delt with. Not only do they offer custom programming to taylor the users tools and reports, but they always answer the phone right away.""I like the reports the most about this product. As an project specific engineer i run Heavybid reports to understand how estimators bid the project.""Very functional for companies who bid similar project and can get advantage of the recording system of the software. Plus the ability of identifying the calendar per item is very useful.""Endless resources and crew construction abilities."
Cons:"No negative comments about the Vendor; this product does take time and patience to transition through each screen without error.""There are some minor technical lags which I am sure the HCSS Team will address in updates.""Worst part about the software is the error sounds it makes when you forget to fill out a field and try to move onto a new task (that can be shut off).""Can be a bit buggy when within an activity, which may force it to crash. This is primarily because of user error though and you learn ways to stop this from happening."

“Best estimating software I've used”

Honestly i cant say there is anything i did not like about this software. Makes your life a whole lot easier and helps you dial in your profit on projects and you get things set up and get some history in the system.
I can't really think of anything i didn't like. Great product.

“The Best Estimating Software in the World!”

Product: This is a very fast, user-friendly, automated estimating and bidding system that is particularly effective for Unit-Price contracts. It allows quick creation of accurate estimates, accommodates variations in quantities, allows risk evaluation on an item-by-item basis, and provides the means to price individual bid items so that they reflect the bidder's assessments of quantity, value, and risk for each item. Vendor: HCSS sets the standard for customer support. There is no software company anywhere, of any type, with whom I have had contact that comes even close to the responsiveness and excellence of HCSS' technical support. It is extremely rare that a call is not answered before the third ring by a human who understands the problem (no matter how arcane) and who has the right answer, without sending me to a second- or third-level technician. The professionalism and expertise of the Technical Support team are near-perfect. I tell people whom I am training that if they get stuck on a problem for more than three minutes, they should call Tech Support. The person who answers will have the problem solved, and the estimator will be back in production nearly instantaneously.
There is little to dislike in a system that works so well and with a technical support team that is so knowledgeable. HCSS takes suggestions from its users and implements them in new releases of the software so that the system is always cutting-edge and fulfills its users' expectations. The system seems expensive to purchase and maintain, at least to the non-using evaluator, but the confidence in the accuracy of the estimate, the outstanding technical support, and the continuous improvement of the software will provide confidence that offsets cost. One caught and corrected mistake that that would have gone unnoticed without HeavyBid's analysis tools, could pay for a dozen licenses for years.
Recommendations to other buyers: 
Try it. Make some estimates, and make some calls to Tech Support. Compare the analysis reports, the ease of estimating and pricing, and the confidence you have in your estimate with whatever estimating method you are presently using. Also, talk to any other contractors you may know (particularly those who regularly bid projects worth $10 million to $500 million); you'll discover that most of them are using HeavyBid for their own estimates. HeavyBid outperforms every aspect of every other estimating system and makes spreadsheet bidding seem absolutely archaic. This software gives me the bid advantage of confidence, as well as the bid advantage of correct pricing. I wish all my competitors would use it. The chance of losing a bid because of someone else's mistake offsets the improved sophistication my competitors would gain.

“A functional software for mid size GCs or sub-contractors.”

Very functional for companies who bid similar project and can get advantage of the recording system of the software. Plus the ability of identifying the calendar per item is very useful.
When the size of the project is big, it doesn't work properly. You have to be careful about your initial coding system. if you decide to change in the middle of the bid, that would create a nightmare. There are a lot of reporting systems, but it depends on all child and parent item. for a simple report if you have many child (level 4,5,6) items, you are not able to see them in the report and you need to transfer everything into excel and using functions and prepare it for the closing.

“Timecard, material and equipment tracking”

With heavy job, we were able to transition our export files to a new payroll system when we made a change. Customer service was excellent at guiding us through the process.
This software is so easy to set-up, from adding employees, job classifications, to merging employees into the job, to exporting timecards. The setup flow just make sense. Works great for those who have crews out in the field, foremen can use their tablets to record time, material and equipment used on the job and submit. No more paper time cards to do manual entry with.
This software has "user licenses" you have to buy, so at times they may all be used by other users in the company. It does allow you to "boot" them off, but you better make sure they are not in the middle of something if you do or they will lose the information. A quick phone call to ask if they can log out is best.





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