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Companies from different industries rely on ReqSuite®. Because of its easy and extensive configurability, ReqSuite® can be quickly and completely adapted to each individual customer situation.

Product Details

ReqSuite is a requirements management software that does not only provide common requirements management features, but advanced AI-based assistance features for elicitation, specification and validation as well. With ReqSuite, organizations can increase the quality of requirements, and the efficiency and standardization of their development processes. With ReqSuite, savings up to 40% in rework during later project phases are possible.

Contact Details

OSSENO Software
Founded in 2014
Located in Germany

Starting Price $40.00/month/user
Subscription, paid per user and month, graduated prices
Free Trial Yes
Deployment Installed - Mac
Installed - Windows
Web-Based, Cloud, SaaS
iPhone / iPad
Training In Person
Live Online
Support Business Hours






“Smart & motivating tool for professional requirements engineering & management ”

Reqsuite is a requirements engieering tool with focus on quality controlled specifying of requirments in textual and model based expressions. Stakeholder alignment is supported by social collaboration aspects. Review steps are integrateable in individual configured process workflow of a team or organisation. Working on user story templates or use case modeling is supported. Pricing and support is brilliant.
Webbased Application with fully integrateable in existing tool environments like Jira, Enterprise Architects, MS Office Tools. Easily adaptable for different requirememts management processes including the option for enabling a guided process workflow. Supporting modelling tools for contextual delimitation by Use Case Diagrams and use of set templates (Satzschablonen) like user stories with acceptance criteria.Bidirectional synchronous interchange with Jira, Sparx EnterpriseArchitect.Suitable separation of administration and operative user perspectives.
he pricing model and the marketing strategy of Osseno leads teams not to try to use this professional software. These persons will not reach a quality controlled set of requirements for their product in development or in operation in an easy and modern way of working.Unexpereinced requirements engineers are allowed to decide to switch off the automatic quality control for requirements. If they do not use this quality feature their specification quality of requirements is limited. Unexperienced user are allowed to automatically visualize their functional requirements by using the modeling interface. The resulting model does interprete the textual descriptions precise. Based on bad quality of specification the model interpretation is deviant to the users expectation.

“The Best Newcomer on the market!”

From the first moment we got in touch with Osseno GmbH we were treated very well and comfortable.Osseno`s support is not only friendly, but very courteous and professional.Everyone in our team is working very well with the software.
Once you got a short training, the software is very easy to use! The implemented process guide works very well and almost everyone of our team loves to work with ReqSuite!
Hard to say, but maybe that there`s no FMEA tool implemented.





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