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Designed by special education professionals meaning less time on paperwork and more time with your students.

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“SEAS: IEP Ease”

Overall, SEAS has significantly reduced the amount of time I spend writing IEPs, allowing me to get back to what I love the most - teaching! My IEPs are easy to access from anywhere in the school that has internet access, making working with colleges much more efficient.
Writing an IEP is a daunting task. SEAS breaks an intimidating and overwhelming task down into smaller steps, utilizing auto-fill features, drop down boxes, and point/click options. Reducing the clutter created by mounds of paperwork is a game changer.
One drawback that I have personally come across in SEAS is the font size and limited space to type in a few sections. When describing the Present Levels of Performance for students, the font size is very small and can be difficult to see clearly when attempting to review and edit your work. However, you can type your entire PLP in a text document, then copy and paste it in easily. That is one easy way to address that issue.

“Useful for my needs at work, but not the best format. ”

The program has all of the information that I require to complete student reports, forms, and paperwork. The program also has the capability to save/archive previous years forms/paperwork.
I do not like the format of this program. We have to toggle from page to page when completing a student report, which takes a long time. Additionally, if you need to complete progress reports, then you need to go to a different place and if you need to complete assessment information then, you have to go to another place. It would be easier to have all forms readily available. All of the time spent going from place to place and from section to section takes so incredibly long. The program is very cumbersome. I use it because I have to for work.





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