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We're able to serve the needs of anyone doing web and app design, from a single freelancer to enterprise companies with thousands of employees all over the world, we can support your design process.

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InVision is the Digital Product Design platform used by organizations over 5 million usersincluding 100% of the Fortune 100to make the worlds best customer experiences. We provide design tools and educational resources for teams to navigate every stage of the product design process, from ideation to development.

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Founded in 2011
Located in United States

Starting Price $15.00/month/user
Free Trial Yes
Deployment Installed - Mac
Installed - Windows
Web-Based, Cloud, SaaS
iPhone / iPad
Training In Person
Live Online
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Pros:"Best feature is the ability to import from sketch and the ease in which you can copy pages and standardize.""In addition to this, we use it to have a solid interplay between teams and maintain a creative line that allows me to optimize effectiveness and efficiency as a prototyping platform.""I like how easy it is to put together a very pleasant and presentable website. It also has great sharing features, which made it very easy to collaborate.""The way the designs are organized, the popping up from bottom menu, the assets menu download and the dashboard screen i feel like are the strongest side of this tool, simply awesome."
Cons:"The inspect functionality only works for users with access in the project and that can be bad because all users can modify the project.""Importing artboards from sketch could sometimes be pain in the ass, it just wont sync with sketch.""You have to really replace the whole screen which has poor effect while doing demos. No way to add comments for other team members to see.""The sharing/accessibility of the mocks. It's hard for someone notnon the design team to see their mocks unless the links were shared but this might be by design or license based."

“The prototyping tool you need to use!”

We're able to quickly prototype full sites or small CRO changes and with the added ability to update on the fly, we can push changes live to anyone viewing live. It's allowed us to show off our thoughts and ideas to clients and stakeholders with great effect, wowing them every time!
I mainly use Invision as a delivery method for presenting web and mobile site designs. We have a few internal sites we manage and I use Invision to show any CRO changes that are to be made. This makes it easy for design, dev and directors to see how things work and what it will look like before any time is spent on development.A bonus for our dev team is the inspect function, having uploaded form Sketch they can inspect fonts, colours, sizes and basic CSS attributes to exactly copy the design. Assets can also be downloaded which saves time if they change over time.
Some basic functionality such as fixed background images would be useful to convey how some designs should work. I know it's not meant to be a working site, it's just the little touches sometimes that could help others see your vision.
Alternatives Considered: 
Axure RP
Reasons for Choosing InVision: 
InVision was cheaper and Axure seemed to combine the design side and prototyping, whereas we were already using Sketch which has an InVision plugin to sync artboards.

“Amazing for design prototyping”

I am a designer by trade and I use this app for prototyping my designs to show to clients. My experience with Invision app has been great in both using it and my clients navigating through my proofs.
The best part about theInvision app is how seamless it is to your own work space. It is simply excellent for showing clients my design prototypes. The idea that I can edit the proofs in real time or conduct a working meeting through this app with my clients is a very powerful feature. I use this app for every one of my projects.
The price is just a touch too expensive. I work it into my bottom line at this point but it could be cheaper.
Alternatives Considered: 
Adobe Acrobat Reader DC and Cisco Webex Meetings
Reasons for Choosing InVision: 
A vendor recommended Invision app to me. I signed up and never looked back.

“Great Prototyping and Collaboration Tool”

Despite some of the softwares shortcomings, I have always had a great experience using this software and will continue to use it in the future
What I like most about this software is it's collaboration capabilities. As a UX Designer, I work with developers daily and uploading/sharing my prototypes through InVision has made collaboration a breeze. You can also easily organize your prototypes and screens within the interface.
I wish there was more options to create interactions and/or animations with this software. There are basic capabilities such as creating a sticky footer or header and screen overlays. I however would like to see things like hoover states, fillable form fields, etc. in the future.

“Practical but also frustrating as PO/Dev”

This tool as the potential to be very good. What I need are easily shared snapshots of a design at a given point which can not be overridden. e.g. This was X design at 14:35 on Thursday. Then we know that we are working with the right design and can inspect it and use it.It needs to be faster.
Inspect tool is great for giving to developers and asking them to pick colours, spacings etc from a design. There are also prototype functionalities which are very useful.
I find this software so clunky and slow. It takes an age to load, it's so heavy. We actually moan about this in sprint planning when there's an invision link in a ticket.There are also more pressing issues, such as the difficulty in versioning. Developers don't like it when you add a screenshot because it doesn't reflect the design, but when we reference invision, the design has changed and no longer meets the original scope of the ticket. It's great for designers if they want to be able to update a design at one click of a button in Sketch, but it can cause real arguments and confusion between developers.Navigation is also slow and confusing, but that might be the way our designers have set it up.





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