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Reservio is optimized for 70 different business categories from healthcare, personal care, sport and education.

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Reservio is appointment scheduling and online booking software carefully optimized for over 70 business categories. Free to try.It helps organize schedule, accept bookings 24/7, save time spent on phone and gives useful information about business and its clients

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Starting Price $10.00/month
Deployment Installed - Mac
Installed - Windows
Web-Based, Cloud, SaaS
iPhone / iPad
Training In Person
Live Online
Support Online

Pros:"Reservio's product met our needs. The support we have had from the Company has been excellent and understanding of our short term needs.""My clients love the ease of reserving their classes on their own time(many clients reserve very late at night when I would be sleeping!) it has been a great help in my business.""Multidisciplinary, flexible, functional and robust.""It has a design is very simple and elegant and that facilitates its use, thanks to its friendly interface does not require learning curve."
Cons:"Paid for the software and it still won't send sms confirmation. Tried customer service and no response.""Then, they just stopped responding altogether. So, they didn't fix the email reminders to clients glitch, and they didn't respond to me any more.""Using this service for 2 years, from time to time it fails to synchronize with the Google Calendar and then lets your customers order on the dates you are already full, which is very annoying.""I was not looking to identify weaknesses, just the practicalities."

“Multidisciplinary, flexible, functional and robust.”

Undoubtedly Reservio is one of the most advanced and complete web tools that are available in the market, has given me the ability to effectively perform administrative management of my beauty salon, facilitating and optimizing daily activities such as scheduling appointment and database of my customers, however I consider that the greatest benefit that has provided me this program is the development of business through digital marketing , allowing the development and positioning of my business as one of the most prestigious in my locality, increasing my client portfolio, on the other hand I as business owner can manage my salon in a general way beauty and in turn serve my customers in a personalized way, doing stylist work, which I love. I am pleasantly satisfied with the performance of this program that has generated effectiveness in my team.
Reservio is a cloud-based platform, which also has mobile application compatible with both Android and iOS, is very easy to configure because it has configuration wizard, offers a wide level of customization, which gives you the ability to insert users, color preferences, services and staff. It has a design is very simple and elegant and that facilitates its use, thanks to its friendly interface does not require learning curve. It is a very robust and interdisciplinary tool so it can be used by different professionals in a wide range of areas. It allows the scheduling of appointments, online reservations, management of employees and payrolls, in addition to a customer database. One aspect to highlight of this program is that it offers a powerful digital marketing tool that will serve for promotional campaigns, on the other hand, as well as an efficient system for generating reminders and alerts. On the other hand, it has a free package with 40 monthly reservations and more basic planning tools and packages of paid services (Starter, Standard, and Pro), at an extremely affordable price (10,20 and 40 $ per month) with more advanced functions.
I love this platform very well designed, offers high performance, I have nothing negative to add. However, I would like to insert an inventory control function since I use it to manage a beauty salon and I would be very helpful in developing this feature.

“Alex Neiford's Review”

I have reviewed several appointment websites from Appointlet to Genbook and I have found that by far Reservio outpaces both products, The calender function is easier. The unlimited features are exceptionally better (staff members, etc...) The pricing point i feel is better than the competition also especially since your premium package is 10 dollars cheaper monthly than the next best competitor that I have seen. I love the session tracking feature, it works seamlessly with my website. I think the only thing that may help is more detail before you buy, in other words there were several questions i had to ask via email (especially about the session tracking ability) before I was sure I wanted to buy. I do love the simplicity of the website, but i beleive that there could be detailed explanation, using words, pics, or video that could possibly allow for more purchases before having to contact someone via email. So I love the product but more explanation of all of you guys great services could possibly help sell more premium memberships WITHOUT people having to call you. If people arent exactly sure what they are buying then they may not take the time to ask and therefore a missed selling oppurtunity. Other than that your service is perfect (better than the rest) but again it took me inquiring about these features as opposed to them being fully explained on the site beforehand. Had all the functionalities been explained on the site I would not have had to email my questions and I would have purchased the package 4 days ago. But nevertheless, i am a huge fan!

“Not 100% solution, unfortunately”

Using this service for 2 years, from time to time it fails to synchronize with the Google Calendar and then lets your customers order on the dates you are already full, which is very annoying
Customer service reacts very quickly
It does not work as it should. Synchronization issues are still appearing after serveral months

“Great solution with limited features”

This solution is great and we use it every day, however, after a year of usage, the feature is exactly the same.The support is active but the development seems in standby.However a great solution to manage planning of our salon





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