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HR Executives, TA Managers, D&I Managers

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Career.Place removes bias from the hiring process and enables diversity and compliance through a SaaS based solution. Applicants move through an anonymous, consistent, and semi-automated hiring funnel, with employers (HR, D&I, TA execs, & recruiters) advancing candidates when they meet the needs of the company or are removed from consideration when they do not qualify.

Contact Details

MDG2 Technologies
Founded in 2016
Located in United States

Starting Price $100.00/one-time
Per candidate that is revealed - $100.
Deployment Installed - Mac
Installed - Windows
Web-Based, Cloud, SaaS
iPhone / iPad
Training In Person
Live Online
Support Business Hours

“Putting People's talents front & center with no resume or identity. The right way! Saved time & $.”

Highly recommend it and you will not regret it. Enjoy talking and learning from the team at NOT staff...TEAM! Big difference. Great analytics and reports. Career.Place is going to make our company a better place by recruiting and hiring people the right way.
The support, knowledge and passion from to help us reduce bias in the hiring processes and practices to find the best talent. Because they are passionate about reducing bias with one hire at a time, they have helped us hire some great talent in half the time and costs it historically took us. Most important and notably, their tech platform is blinded and put the focus back on the people and their talents and not a piece of paper.The broke the mold and made a new. We eliminated our Applicant Tracking System because of this. No more resume reviews! found us at a critical time and not only shortened our time and costs to hire, but helped us innovate our recruiting process by reducing bias in the recruiting and interviewing phases. Just think, if every company used, how different do you think the business world and possibly board room would look today. Very different and for the better.
Changing YOUR thinking is the biggest con to using this software. It is a learning curve and a culture change to break away from wanting to see resumes, because we are so used to reviewing paper. There is nothing human about paper! Changing is the challenge or con, not the technology. In general managers and hiring managers are conditioned to be biased on resumes, names, job lengths, schools, education level, backgrounds, formats, typos.....etc.
Reasons for Choosing Career.Place: 
Opportunity and a need for change to support diversity initiatives.
Reasons for Switching to Career.Place: 
We wanted a blinded resume and a new funnel to automate the screening process because we were often spending a lot of time reviewing resumes, screening large number of candidates with simply bias, judgement calls and lack of time.

“Career.Place Delivers Excellence”

[SENSITIVE CONTENT HIDDEN] took the time to visit in person. She was able to explain the mission and vision of We were using a recruitment service. We found that we were identifying candidates that fit our job roles and responsibilities in a much more efficient way using There are helpful analytics to guide our recruiting efforts. I was having some questions concerning the homework evaluation. After speaking with [SENSITIVE CONTENT HIDDEN] I was able to clear that up. The customer service is exceptional. Not only are they willing to help they are celebrating victories in hiring!
Career.Place offers our hiring team the ability to consider candidates based on the specific qualifications of the job. There is no bias introduced into the candidate selection process which allows for a focused search. Career.Place includes homework activities that give our hiring managers the opportunity to assess skills and knowledge. Career.Place provides the opportunity for creating questions, so we were able to include a mix of skill based questions as well as behavioral questions. There is a wide range of information and data that is provided with this software.
At first I was a little overwhelmed by all of the information provided. After working with [SENSITIVE CONTENT HIDDEN] I was able to understand and use the data to improve our recruitment practices.

“Innovative Interview Strategy”

I was an applicant so I do not know. However, I asked the question about the rationale and Human Resources explained that the instrument was adopted in order to manage bias in the hiring process. I am not certain I recognized that as an applicant.
My role was as an applicant to Mann Center for the Performing Arts. The queries required reflection and concentration incorporating layers of professional experience.
It was not clear to this user how many parts there were to the instrument and there were no indications as to the length and that the fourth section was a video option. I did ask the human resources about the product because it was my first encounter with this manner and process of interviewing for a position. There were a few questions that "felt" like they were designed to "trick" the candidate.

“An outstanding H R software tool.”

The platform / software has been very well thought out - the employer and applicant experiences have been given a very high level of consideration. It has given the organization the ability to eradicate unconscious bias in the hiring process. Applicant feedback at interview stage has been very positive, they have enjoyed using it.
Platform is easy to navigate, very user friendly and intuitive. It's turned out to be a very valuable tool to the HR function of the organization; hiring managers have been able to jump right in with little oversight required. I have found the tracking and messaging functions to be very helpful along with the ability to communicate directly with the candidates using the software - it's a total one stop shop. The software is designed to give the administrator a lot of control over how, when posting positions, the platform may be configured; It really can be tailored to the role and also set up in a way that reflects the culture of the organization.
At first, it was unclear as to how to navigate to print out information captured on a candidate, for example notes.





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