Job Tracking system

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Job Tracking system

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Trades people,Plumbers, Electricians, Glaziers, Property maintenance, Builders, Painters, Locksmiths and more...

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More and more plumber and electrician contractors as well as other tradesman are realizing that having a paper based Job Card system can cause a lot of distress, especially when it comes to quoting, invoicing and searching through a large pile of paperwork to find that single Job Card the client is questioning about.Our Job Card Tracking software system will allow you to organize your jobs instantly and reduce stress while at the same time your employees and customers become happier.

Contact Details

Founded in 2006
Located in New Zealand

Starting Price $30.00/month
Unlimited users/jobs
Free Trial Yes
Deployment Installed - Mac
Installed - Windows
Web-Based, Cloud, SaaS
iPhone / iPad
Training In Person
Live Online
Support Online

“Job tracking system a breath of fresh air”

we had been looking at a few of what is out there and decided to trial this one as would suit or company the best. we are a Canterbury based electrical company and needed to get our job system online to meet growing demand in our servicing and contracting areas.we sat down with a-vision and had a chat, they were very approachable dealing with a person direct was great as we could have a few things tweaked to suit that we are fully using the system our team in the field have found it very easy to use it is very user friendly and does it very well. the office staff have already cut their invoice time in half. we have MYOB (account right) online, and it integrates well with job tracking.A well balanced system, saving time, any issues you encounter or have a question on anything a vision are quick to respond and also if you think something could be added they will listen, we asked for a health and safety job prestart sheet and one was built and on offer through the job tracker within a week, with ongoing tweaks it is evolving very well.I should also mention for what the system is worth to run is very good value.

“Great system”

After searching for weeks or months to look for an electronic jobsheet system, Jobcard Tracking was found by an employee while waiting in a waiting room at a medical centre! It seems to be just what we need & a good price too.
I like how it seems to be able to be made to fit your needs. Pages can be added or changed around a bit.
You cant open a week & see which jobs the employees have been to. You can only open a job to see the total hows worked, but not the actual separated hours of the employees

“Mobile app doesn't work you can't add jobs or customers”

Think it has a lot of pros to offer haven't had the chance to use them yet. The fact that I can't even submit this review
Mobile app doesn't work please see above problemsThe fact that I can't even submit this review. 3 times I've tried to submit now gong to give up in a minute

“A simple user friendly cost effective package”

Prior to starting up with A-Vision's Job Tracking system I looked at a number of systems, all which I found to be over complicated. I was looking for a simple user friendly cost effective package which I found with this product and have not looked back since. Our first Job was entered in on 19/5/2012, we are now up to Job# 1068 3 years later. The final upside to A-Vision's team is their respond time to any issue with the software, as with any software you come across glitches from time to time. A quick email to the team, problem sorted within a couple of hrs. Great Job Guys





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