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Charity Republic

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Charities and non-profits looking to engage, manage, track, run reports on, communicate with, and schedule volunteers through easy and accessible web and online software.

Product Details

Report. Schedule. Track. Communicate. Volunteer management software, built with the help of over 70 charities, non-profits, and volunteer coordinators. We offer a specialized all-in-one-place solution with an affordable pricing system that includes significant discounts for referrals.

Contact Details

Charity Republic
Founded in 2010
Located in Canada

Starting Price $25.00/month
No fees for training, set up, or archiving lists.
Free Trial Yes
Deployment Installed - Mac
Installed - Windows
Web-Based, Cloud, SaaS
iPhone / iPad
Training In Person
Live Online
Support 24/7 (Live Rep)
Business Hours

“Charity Republic has streamlined how to organize our volunteers”

I absolutely recommend Charity Republic. The product has been instrumental in keeping our volunteers organized and is much more effective than the spreadsheet method we had used in the past. There are a lot of great functions, everything from tracking volunteer history to keeping notes and tracking qualifications. I was glad they offer a webinar. It helped me better understand all of the great functions and utilize the application's to the fullest. Dealing with Popy and the Charity Republic customer service team has been a wonderful experience. I was really impressed by how quickly my questions were answered and how quickly and easily they were able to upload the data from our spreadsheet. As a volunteer coordinator, my life has been made so much easier by using Charity Republic.

“Ease-of-use, great customer service!”

This volunteer management software is very easy to learn, is user friendly, accessible on any mobile or desktop therefore not requiring a download at all. For volunteer coordinators or anyone involved with volunteer engagement, the software helps to track hours easily and create reports. Best of all, it provides an immediate snapshot of your volunteer engagement - how many volunteers are currently engaged, how many volunteers have left, and hours contributed to date. I highly recommend it!

“Charity Republic is the volunteer management program coordinators have been waiting for!”

Charity Republic has provided the best customer experience of any volunteer program I've ever used. It is clear they endeavor to make a quality program that is as diverse as the organizations it aims to serve. While I found the scheduling tools to be lacking compared to other volunteer scheduling software, the database functions are robust and customizable. Furthermore, it is sleek and user friendly compared to its counterparts - and aesthetics can be an important element in convincing volunteers and staff to use a program. Some of the functions are not as intuitive as they could be (i.e. lots of clicking back and forth) but overall it is logically organized. This is by far the best program for organizations with administrative and detailed record-keeping needs that allows volunteer access. In many ways, Charity Republic is the program that Volunteer Coordinators have been searching for and what it lacks in certain areas they make up for with their customer service and willingness to improve.

“Charity Republic is a great tool to help inspire all of us to be generous with our time. ”

It's easy to use, access to customer service, videos and many tools to help learn about the program and the charities that exist on the site.
This program makes it super easy to sign up and volunteer for those needed hours or try something new and give back to the community. My kids have used it with their schools and it helps them to stay focused and organized. It's a great way for them to sign up, document and work those service hours or help them to be more selfless.





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