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Chrome River Expense

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Chrome River is the choice of over 1,000 leading organizations worldwide for their global travel, expense and invoice management. Our customers include fast-growth, mid-sized and large enterprises.

Product Details

Chrome River lets business flow for some of the world's largest and most respected global organizations. Our highly-configurable, cloud-based expense reporting solution delivers an elegant and intuitive user interface, which offers the same high quality experience on a smartphone, tablet or laptop. Our SaaS products provide a world-class business rules engine and technology infrastructure that CFOs, finance and accounting teams, travel managers, and business travelers all love.

Contact Details

Chrome River Technologies
Founded in 2007
Located in United States

Starting Price Not provided by vendor
Free Demo Yes, get a free demo
Deployment Installed - Mac
Installed - Windows
Web-Based, Cloud, SaaS
iPhone / iPad
Training In Person
Live Online
Support 24/7 (Live Rep)

Pros:"Features, like 'My Calendar', 'Memorized Claim' and 'Mileage Calculator' are just a few great items to note along with many others held in CR Expense.""We have had numerous positive responses from the campus users and continue to find ways to improve our travel processes.""The ability to submit bills directly by scanning and uploading is a very good feature.""I love using it and I enjoy showing others in my office how to use it."
Cons:"We likely have the capacity to downsize another FTE but we will wait for either a retirement or someone to leave on their own.""WCU no longer does paper reimbursements everything is processed through Chrome River.""And I don't believe the admin tool has been migrated to mercury either so you still need to go into the old site to manage anything manually or investigate problems.""So, now I'll have to go pay my own corporate credit card bill. Obviously not the most efficient process."

“Chrome River Expense - Expense reports made easy”

Chrome River has been a great company to work with. They are always open to hear about features that would make our lives easier and try to accommodate when possible. We have since started using their Invoice capture service to help automate AP even more and the results have been fantastic.
This software lets our users attach receipts hands free by either emailing receipts or using the Chrome River SNAP app. This allows delegates to go in and create expense reports for our users who would rather have their assistant perform this practice. The software is also usable on any computer, smart phone or tablet allowing users to work from anywhere they have an internet connection. Chrome River is also integrated with our Corporate credit card (US Bank) so transactions come through showing our users exactly which items need to be submitted. The product also integrates with Uber, Lyft, and Spot Hero so those receipts are automatically sent to Chrome River.
We have not had any major issues with the software. The OCR function for reading receipts does not always work as well as you would like but this only makes users select a different expense type than is suggested.

“Chrome River Expense - Easy to Use”

Monthly expense reimbursement and categorization used to be an extremely time consuming task. With CR Expense, it is now very efficient and streamlined. Our overall monthly close process has been sped up by at least 15%, simply because of CR Expense.
It is extremely easy to use. Our entire organization now uses it on a daily basis. It has completely streamlined our expense processes.
Implementation took a while, but we did eventually get it customized perfectly for our organization.
Alternatives Considered: 
SAP Concur
Reasons for Choosing Chrome River Expense: 
Users in our organization had prior positive experiences with Chrome River.

“Excellent Solution for Expense Report Automation”

Chrome River has been such a valuable tool for our Firm, especially with the challenges raised by COVID-19. Our ability to work with EXPENSE remotely was unaffected.
The OCR capability is fantastic...expenses can be captured from anywhere using any device and interpreted as accurately (in many case more so) than our users! Really saves time and enforces compliance.
We really don't have anything not to just works!
Alternatives Considered: 
SAP Concur
Reasons for Choosing Chrome River Expense: 
Partnership with practice management software, reputation, value.

“Great way to bring our University into the 21st century and strive for paperless expense management.”

The routing rules, compliance rules and the ease of being able to track items quickly. Enabling the user to have more flexibility in timing and to not spend the majority on their time on "paper-work" shuffling. Creating an "all-in-one" place for reporting and multiple functions that can reduce headaches from both the fund manager, auditor, payables' team and the users.
The platform becoming not a fully functional system and the fix for the problem taking months to correct when all of the programming and configuration was completely in tact prior to any "upgrade" globally.





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