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Analysts and researchers with hard problems to solve in business, public policy and academia.

Product Details

Vensim is general-purpose software for system dynamics and hybrid discrete-continuous and agent simulation. It supports both top-down strategic models and bottom-up detailed models. Its strong support for time series data and calibration makes it ideal for problems that are too complex for spreadsheets.Common applications include large project management, marketing science in consumer products and pharmaceuticals, energy and transport policy, health care system design, and business strategy.

Contact Details

Ventana Systems
Founded in 1985
Located in United States

Starting Price $50.00/one-time/user
Free Trial Yes
Deployment Installed - Mac
Installed - Windows
Web-Based, Cloud, SaaS
iPhone / iPad
Training In Person
Live Online
Support Business Hours

“Dynamic Modeling”

In total it is simple, easy, and powerful system dynamics software.
I used Vensim in my research to develop a system dynamics models for different construction management problems, I highly recommend it because of the ease of building models, friendly user interface, and the available explanation examples are very helpful.
It has some features are not free for student licence and you need to pay for advanced features.

“Nice but outdated”

I used it to work in my masters degree thesis and i had a nice experience. At the end i learned a lot of its tweaks mainly for MacOs. It seems to be one of the best software for system dynamics and has a nice free version but the interface is old and not friendly, one has to click too may times, i believe it requieres a revamp.
It works and the free version can do basic things. Keeping all inputs ok and tracking errors, as an engineering software it works.
The graphic engine is outdated and gives trouble, documentation has many inputs but it can be surely improved. Sometimes it crashes in Mac Os. The interface is old and requires a better graphic design to make it attractive. The learning curve is steep.

“Reality Check Tool for Professionals”

I worked on Software Reusability Model and predicted the future of software reusability in Ohio, USA by using Vensim Analysis.
Ability to create Stock and Flow diagrams which are precise and helps in better understanding of a model.
Dull interface and some of the features are complicated.

“Excellent introductory system dynamics modeling tool. Good value, but not the prettiest.”

Being able to generate system dynamics models as a learning tool and thinking tool is an incredibly powerful ability.The ease of building basic models is remarkably good, and the examples possible to replicate quickly while learning the tool are straightforward and very helpful.The fundamental power of system dynamics modeling, coupled with reading and understanding the system dynamics approaches pioneered by JD Sterman is quite valuable.
The user interface and visual cleanliness of output products isn't actually the best, but for modestly priced software that has proven to be valuable over and over again both academically and professionally for me, this is a minor complaint.Without accompanying educational materials, this software also falls flat in terms of realizable utility - but paired with some solid curriculum on system dynamics modeling, the cumulative result is truly invaluable.





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