RB Retail and Service Solutions

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RB Retail and Service Solutions

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Small to medium size business

Product Details

We know the pool & spa business! RB Pool and Spa Software software completely manages retail and service with PCs, tablets, smartphones and laptops. With the consolidation of retail and service into a single system, regardless of your business size, you'll see an immediate return on your investment.RB Pool and Spa Software offers features and benefits for pool and spa dealers like no other software!

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RB Retail and Service Software
Founded in 2003
Located in United States

Starting Price Not provided by vendor
Free Demo Yes
Deployment Installed - Mac
Installed - Windows
Web-Based, Cloud, SaaS
iPhone / iPad
Training In Person
Live Online
Support 24/7 (Live Rep)
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RB Retail and Service Solutions

RB Retail and Service Solutions

RB Retail and Service Solutions

RB Retail and Service Solutions

RB Retail and Service Solutions

Pros:"It's geared for swimming pool service and retail companies, and since it is for the pool industry there are a lot of cool features.""It helped our company get so much more organized with scheduling and payments, and the point of sale module is great.""I have been with them for a long time and they are good people. I just feel like in just a few aspects they are being left behind.""The software has expansive capabilities, some of which we are not using to their full potential. The people from the help line are exceptional as well."
Cons:"MISSING A FEW FEATURES ON MOBILE LIVE. CANNOT USE A/R ON MOBILE LIVE.""There are occasional 'hiccups' but no major issues.""I haven't had any problems with the software so far. Some days RB will act a little slow but thats the only problem iv'e noticed my self.""So, just out of desperation I stop in a local computer repair store were the store owner said he would try but if the specialist couldn't then he probably could either."

“Awesome. Exceeded expectations. ”

I can bill customers out so much easier, inventory management is simple, I can focus more time on service calls and generating money rather than deal with a POS system that takes forever to get things done.
It's easy to use. I used another POS system last year and I had to switch to RB controls before my contract was up with the other system (I still have 1 year remaining on that contract). To simply say it, RB is just better in every way. One feature that is nice is the ability to attach photos to customers in their file. I attach liner drawings, safety cover drawings, etc to make it easy to reorder when the time comes around. What's nice is when you need help, RB is there to help you. I've had to call tech support numerous times asking for help. Instead of just fixing the problem for you, they take the time to show you how to fix it or make any adjustments you need and they aren't bothered to help. It's refreshing, the customer service is second to nobody.
That I didn't switch to RB controls sooner... seriously. I can't think of any cons off the top of my head.

“Not the best support for larger implementations”

We like the centralized database (although using access) so all of our inventory and customers are in a single database. It also supports remote desktop and Remote Web Apps implementation but requires each client to be set up individually due to the way they do the licensing.
Works well when it is operational. typically problem free. Has all of the features a pool store would need.
The pool company is 100% dependent on the vendor for support and/or moving this to a new PC/Server. RB Support dictates to the pool store on how the migrations will be performed and scheduled regardless of the pool stores preferences. We have a larger implementation with a chain of stores and our setup is a little more complex and they are not willing to allow us to run the new system in parallel for testing prior to cut-over. "All or none" policy.
Reasons for Switching to RB Retail and Service Solutions: 
We switched due to the centralized database and the ability to network this from site to site using VPN technologies.

“Semi Happy”

I have been with them for a long time and they are good people. I just feel like in just a few aspects they are being left behind. I do not want to leave but I am going to have too.
The program is a whole package. Scheduling, Billing, POS
I wished it was on the cloud. I am constantly having issues with glitches. I come in and I cannot access RB. It takes hours sometimes to clear up the issues. Sometimes RB says its on there end and then sometimes they say its my server. 2 times in the last two months I was unable to print the schedules for my guys and we are completely shut down until it is straightened out. I have learned to print the schedules the night before just in case and that has saved me. I would like a more stream line set up than Mobile Live. Its very antiquated compared to other pool service software mobile apps. Always having connection issues. No before and after pictures with time stamps.
Reasons for Choosing RB Retail and Service Solutions: 
Because 10 years ago they were on top of the game.

“Great product for the pool industry.”

We have been using RB Control Systems for many years now and have really enjoyed our experience with it. This is a much more intuitive management software compared to the other alternatives available for pool companies. The Mobile Live feature that was recently released has helped us bring out service department into the modern age. The outstanding support staff has always been extremely knowledgeable and happy to help.
Very easy to use.
Before Mobile Live was released I would say the inability to use this in the field but with the innovations happening I do not really have any complaints.
Recommendations to other buyers: 
Hope RB Controls continues to implement suggestions and improve its product. Seems to be getting better every day.





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