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Prestashop is the best way to sell online. 100% free of cost, it takes just minutes to have your beautiful store online and selling in no time!

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Founded in 2007
Located in France

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Web-Based, Cloud, SaaS
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Pros:"If you are a programmer and want to make an e-commerce website not from scratch, this platform is recommended, because of the free of use and already have all system for e-commerce platform.""There are so many ready solutions, themes and modules for PrestaShop, it uses popular PHP language and it is easy to find staff familiar with this software.""Great features, great team, great support. If you need an online store, in any field, any language, and any country, PrestaShop is absolutely the best choice.""We have been working with Prestashop for the past 7 years, from 1.3 to now the 1.7 version. When it was the "only" great shopping cart software it was good."
Cons:"It annoys me that when you change the H1 page, the menu name also changes. Sometimes it is convenient, but most often this binding is in the way.""This leads to a heavy load on the server. M afraid that with the development of the site will only get worse.""Last in a series of failed attempts to get a 21st century ecommerce site.""Very unstable when it comes to updates / everything breaks every time we update. Code is still not fully migrated to symfony."

“Solid e-commerce solution ”

It's a great product, however you do need a developer team to have it fully set up. If you have a dev team, this is the best option since you can have pretty much unlimited customization options.
Prestashop is a wonderful solution for creating a fully personalized e-commerce website. I also has a wide range of add-ons to complement what you're looking for. This add ons include solutions for gateways for payments, marketing, and design/display.
Add-ons can be a bit expensive. Also the learning curve for the admin users can be pretty steep.
Switched From: 
Magento Commerce
Reasons for Switching to PrestaShop: 
Ease of use and to eliminate the need for Magento trained developers.

“Free e-commerce to start with most features”

PrestaShop is the right tool if you have a plan to expand into e-commerce. The platform is widely use in some countries like France (started here) and Italy, many agencies offer on-line shops based on PrestaShop. It fits all basic needs and if you have some IT experience, than you can build your own shop totally free. If you are serious about e-commerce then sooner or later you will buy modules (plugins for PrestaShop) and later you need to find a php developer to adapt the site to your needs. Most shops find solutions with existing plugins that are sold on PrestaShop's site or many other portals.
You can install a shop with one click on Softaculous, now very common on shared hosting. The requirements for the hosting are basic, any hosting suitable for WordPress will work fine with PrestaShop, so 5 $/ a month is more than enough.There is an active community in many languages, normally you get free help here for basic issues and bug reports.A template for the graphic is recommended, the site will look much better with a little investment. Make sure you get support from the developper.There are free modules/plugins for most payment systems and often you can get a free module from your courier. Connecting payments and couriers is quite simple because they are well documented and supported.Buy modules from the official site because you are confident about the quality of the software and support, normally I pay extra to extend support from the developer for the first year.module all needs
If you can't config your e-mail and are not interested in software, avoid trying your free e-commerce. There is little support from the headquarter, so you spend nights to understand what to do.Any site/developer can sell modules for PrestaShop, so there is no quality control.
Alternatives Considered: 
Magento 2 PWA POS
Reasons for Choosing PrestaShop: 
From a proprietary platform we moved to PrestaShop almost 10 years ago: no regrets! You easily find plugins to expand your features with little investment. You can also find many developers ready to help, the platform is not well known as WordPress, but any php developer can help.It's the best way to start the e-commerce adventure, make sure you get professional help before starting.

“good since the fork but it has changed its name; this is the review of the one called prestashop”

Last in a series of failed attempts to get a 21st century ecommerce site. I have a 20th century one but hoped for better. Two problems with the open source ones are(a) Over-large companies funded by venture capital or just ambition, that half-finish a neat project and then sell it half finished and try to cover-up the mistake by selling modules for the most obvious basic things like checkout and shipping. This applies to Drupal Commerce, a lot, to some of the various Wordpress carts, and to Prestashop.(b) Mission creep by which an app that installs onto shared hosting suddenly becomes too large to run on that host. This applies to Drupal projects and probably to Prestashop a bit too.So: the experience is the same as with Drupal Commerce and bits of wordpress stuff. i am a lot happier now I am on a forked version of prestashop.Oh talking of "fork" and "open source", this is a DIY project with some free help maybe on message boards and with free installation from software installers on most hosting, but mainly paid in hours rather than pounds. When i spend money it was on ill-judged attempts to find a one page checkout module that turned-out not to cope with a particular server or to solve the specific problems of the default checkout.
Separate templates, codes, and htmlSmall and purpose-specific enough to run on some shared hosting (with a cache).Small and purpose-specific enough to teach yourself you to use it (I hoped, although wrongly because of the bugs.)Neat enough to run in its pure form without the need to buy lots of modules in case they help (I hoped, wrongly because of the bugs)
Dozens of employees funded by selling modules.Next to nobody fixing bugs because it's not in their interest. Look for a solution to an awkwardness with the default one page checkout, for example, and you see threads years-old with unresolved problems, even when the solution is just a line or two of code. For example the code that shows something of the payment methods before a user has selected a country to confirm the payment amount. Or one I discovered by mistake - if you manage to hack your way through the order form, simplifying it and forcing it to use guest checkout - Prestashop refuses to accept a repeat customer with the same email address. It requires each customer to open an account. The renamed forked version, I discovered while doing this, is fixed; it allows customers to remain "guest" and for two to have the same email address.Changes to the software seem to come down from the top of the hierarchy rather than up from the needs of users. For example version 1.7 has less free built-in features than version 1.6 and a different system for running themes - symphony instead of smarty. As though any shopkeeper wants to know this, or pay module developers to know it so that they can offer cheap or free modules.
Reasons for Choosing PrestaShop: 
As in the "pros" section above.Then I moved to Thirtybees, a fork of prestashop open source ecommerce software.

“Prestashop your simple open source ecommerce software”

We have worked with Prestashop for clients. It is quite simple to get up and running but the running costs escalate as the project gets bigger. Hosting is a big requirement and you will need plugins for integration as integration can sometimes be a problem when you need to integrate with other software.
Prestashop is free opensource software and a great platform to start off your website. With minimal knowledge you can be up and running. It is not heavily reliant on plugins so you can get your website going without having to purchase plugins. The admin panel is also very user friendly and our clients love it.
Prestashop is not a small platform. You need a lot of hosting space. Talk to an experienced hosting provider to make sure you have the correct hosting package.





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