PCR Educator Student Billing & Accounting

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PCR Educator Student Billing & Accounting

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k-12 independent schools, universities, colleges

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Finance system for k-12 schools with online contracts, automated payments, financial aid, online store and electronic purchase orders.

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Founded in 1982
Located in United States

Starting Price $8000.00/year
Deployment Installed - Mac
Installed - Windows
Web-Based, Cloud, SaaS
iPhone / iPad
Training In Person
Live Online
Support 24/7 (Live Rep)
Business Hours

Pros:"It could also use better user-interface as it looks like something from the early 2000's unless you completely re-design the look of it. Even then, I think the aesthetics could use some work.""I appreciate that PCR Educator continually seeks to improve the Campus product, including adding features such as more flexible gender identification.""Their support staff is friendly and extremely efficient. Technicians as well as those in leadership are eager to understand your need and ensure satisfaction.""The most important thing for our school is the ability to perform certain tasks and know that they will be completed in a timely matter and without ANY error."
Cons:"The inability to easily achieve single sign on with our ADFS system (identity management)."

“PCR Makes My Job Easy!”

As Academic Registrar, I am responsible for a number of tasks. PCR allows me to complete these tasks with confidence and accuracy. The teacher, student and parent portals are very easy to navigate and the parents and student rely on them for staying current with what is going on. Timetabling is SO easy. We build the schedule in PCR and students do course selection online and then we use the function "load into courses". The system does the process in seconds!! It will allow you to select gender and size balance and will alert you to when a class is full or a teacher, student or room has a conflict. It is actually FUN to do. One of my favorite components in PCR is the DMT. I have many roles at the school and work closely with the Admin, students, teachers and parents. I find it extremely useful to be able to produce reports to calculate Honor Roll or Principal's List or to create the Emergency contact list for our teachers taking students on field trips or producing lists for students of house teams or birthdays.PCR helps me get through my day accurately and efficiently. Easy to learn, easy to navigate and extremely reliable. If we have any problems and need to contact support, I submit a help ticket. I get a response back within 24 hours if not sooner and in some cases I place a phone call and we get immediate support. The support team is extremely knowledgeable and take the time to explain everything to me. I would highly recommend this software ! Thanks PCR.
We currently use Content Management System, Admissions and Administration modules. The most important thing for our school is the ability to perform certain tasks and know that they will be completed in a timely matter and without ANY error. We have the utmost confidence in PCR, from inquiry online to enrolling students, course selection online to creating timetables, taking attendance, holding parent teacher conferences, creating our own custom reports from DMT, to entering grades and posting report cards or sending our TRAX reports to the Ministry of Education and more........
There isn't very much I don't like about this software but it would be nice to be able to rename/customize data fields for our school use only.

“PCR Educator”

I found this program because we were looking for something that included a whole campus platform but was cost effective for a small school. We definitely found that in PCR! It is very easy to use and intuitive once you learn some of the lingo. The staff has been wonderful about listening and responding to our needs and ideas. Teachers seem happy with their portal and the information available there. Parents too!
1. Includes Admissions, Development, Finance and Registrar which is not typical2. Totally web based3. NO licenses, unlimited users4. No nickle and diming for every aspect of the program!5. Includes Teacher, Parent, Student and Alumni portals6. Able to share information with teachers that I was unable to share in previous program (specifically files)7. Reports! DAT and DMT are both very eaasy to use
1. The only true CON of the program that I have been unable to address in any way is that it does not allow any type of export that can be used with XAP for HOPE scholarship reporting, although you can export a report that allows you to use Capture and Edit2. PCR is missing a true "knowledgebase" for help and support3. I would like to be able to make changes to transcripts and other standard reports more easily - they are currently pretty much set in stone as far as the template goes (some minor changes allowed)4. I would like to see more standard reports with statistical data and student data5. It does not currently include an IEP function but that is being addressed

“PCR Educator is a fully web-based, mature, and feature-rich student information database system.”

I love that it is completely web-based. No desktop apps to install or VPN connections to manage. You just need a web browser. You don't need to be a web developer to create functional online forms for admissions, registration, and any other process you need to take online. Very advanced reporting tools that allow you to report on any piece of data, in any combination. Integration with online payment gateways. Feature-rich finance module allows you to track tuition invoices and payments, and allows your accounting people to produce complicated reports for their specialized needs using the powerful data mining tools. The support people are always very helpful and will quickly escalate your technical queries when needed.
A system that is so flexible and full of features takes time learn. But if you take the time to read the documentation and spend time with your account rep and their support team, and implement the system correctly, you will have happy staff and customers.

“PCR is an extremely robust, web-based, completely integrated student information system.”

I have worked with several student information systems and I have worked with PCR for more than 10 years and I highly recommend not only the products they offer, but the company. It has evolved throughout the years and remains not only one of the most robust integrated complete school information systems, but also one of the best values!
1. Completely integrated process from Inquiry to billing to fundraising.2. Make a change in one department and it carries through. No double-entry!!3. One yearly cost. No up-charges. Unlimited Users.4. Completely customizable reports based on the current information in the database.5. Customizable forms and contracts.6. Easy to use.7. Amazing customer support who always answers.8. Great communication module for teachers, parents and administrators.9. Easy scheduling module10. Very robust Development and Advancement tools.
1. Finance module (while very good) is still a work in progress.2. While you can create any report imaginable, it would be nice to have more common standard reports already populated.





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