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Small, medium and large appointment based businesses.

Product Details

Online appointment scheduling platform that helps businesses schedule clients for activities, send reminders and take payments.

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Located in United States

Starting Price $7.00/month/user
Deployment Installed - Mac
Installed - Windows
Web-Based, Cloud, SaaS
iPhone / iPad
Training Not Offered
Support Online

“Best app I found for scheduling”

Still using this app. It provides an easily integrated booking platform for clients and easy tracking on my side for a good price.
Easy to keep track of appointments and integrate into website and Facebook
The sizing when integrating into your website is a little odd

“Excellent booking software for my business”

Very Good
Easy to book appointments, easy to customize or update booking information, reliable and affordable.
Unable to have a live conversation which can help solve problems faster. And in text messages they usually reply in few hours.
Reasons for Choosing GigaBook: 
I liked it how it was interacting and holding clients/ booking for me during the trial period and I decided to continue.

“I spent 2 weeks setting it up. It's very in depth. lots of features and incredibly customizable”

NONE. I built it over a 3 week period only to find I couldn't use it with the Custom form issues (not being able to export client answers in any way)
So many features to add and choose from and intergrates with many other programs like mailchimp, takes online payments, the customization is a big features
YOU CANT ACCESS THE DATA ON CUSTOM FORMS IN ANY USABLE WAY! the only access you have to the information the client provided in a custom form is in a really small scrolling window on the back end. You can't export it, email it, print it or even COPY & PASTE client answers! This killed it for me! My business requires the detailed answers be available to my employees who are providing service right away. I spent a week with numerous back and forth emails on this and in the end no reply on if they were going to fix the issue. Waste of time building it up to find this out when testing the system.

“Easy to use”

Cuts out some of the middle man stuff with booking. It's less time consuming, to manage.
We use the software to book people in an event space. It is well laid out and tracks your bookings easily.
It must be managed properly. If someone doesn't take care of managing the bookings it can make less straightforward for the outside user.





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