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From table service to quick service to cafeterias and everything in between POSitouch is designed to help restaurants run efficiently.

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A POS only or complete restaurant operating system with modules that include table management, paging, inventory, etc.

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Restaurant Data Concepts

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Deployment Installed - Mac
Installed - Windows
Web-Based, Cloud, SaaS
iPhone / iPad
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“Great POS system, lots of functionality options”

This product saved time and allowed us to convert an entire national restaurant chain over from hand written tickets. It was easy to make the software uniform nationwide, and also customize specialty items in different areas of the country.
I liked that this software was easy to learn and customize. You can easily make changes to your menu and implement them right during your dinner rush if necessary without crashing the system. It offers multiple conveniences like gift card transactions, splitting checks, adding gratuity, adjusting food item modifiers and sending messages to employees on their time card.
It was not as easy to install on the handheld devices that we used at my restaurant. The programming is not user friendly on small hand held screens, although there are not many software programs out there that display properly on small screens.

“Robust POS software!”

We've used POSitouch for close to 10 years. Compared to other POS systems I have used, it has the best reporting for payroll, which makes entry really easy, especially if you do payroll in house. The Daily Sales Report is PERFECT - it has all the necessary information on one sheet.There are other things that could be simplified to make more user-friendly - refunds is the main one.Overall, this is an excellent POS system. I hope they are able to compete with cloud-based technology, and move towards that with its existent robust reporting.
ReportingPayroll and time sheetsInformation is saved foreverNot cloud-basedInstallation and support is goodCan integrate with video monitoring
Processing refunds/payment adjustments/adjusting CC tips - overrings are too complicated, and few trained employees ever fully understood it, I even had to make a flow chart to help supervisors choose the right type of refund. I know they do this to make it harder to steal, but I still think it could be simplified. Even adjusting CC tips - just too many steps.Need to match credit card batch to DSR daily before settling - although it's good to review the batch to make sure there isn't anything wrong or there wasn't a huge tip accidentally entered, the communication between POS and credit card batch wasn't always perfect. If there's a glitch - like a power outage - then they system does not communicate properly to the cc batch.It's not cloud-based, which has it's benefits, but the con is that you don't have access to the reporting without being physically there or logged in remotely. They do have some kind of cloud reporting, but it's not live. But the good thing about not being cloud-based is that the system itself is more robust, and the reporting options are extensive.Pricey - big initial investment, but it will last a long time. We've had ours for almost 10 years, and got a couple of major updates during that time, which were also costly.

“Got what we paid for.”

Able to serve customers.
I like the cost as other software's are much more expensive. I also like that an expansion can be added to included personal accounts so I can have a invoice to send to clients days later.
It is not easy to use on either the back of the house or the front. The company has learned how to deal with the issues. Trying to split a check has been a problem and so has the system allowing two items to be name the same thing (it is hard to tell one item from another).

“POSI Review”

It is easy to use and change things on the back end. For admins this was key.
Price and some of the functionality were the only cons. Good product though.
Alternatives Considered: 
Digital Dining
Reasons for Choosing POSitouch: 
Reasons for Switching to POSitouch: 
The old system was outdated and going out of business





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