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Designed for tax and accounting businesses, it is a practice management solution that automates operations including invoicing, billing, accounting, online reviewing, scheduling, and more.

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All-in-one tax practice solution that enables tax and bookkeeping offices to speed up the processing of tax returns, manage their everyday activities, and easily communicate with clients.

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Automated Tax Office Manager

Located in United States

Starting Price $79.00/month
Deployment Installed - Mac
Installed - Windows
Web-Based, Cloud, SaaS
iPhone / iPad




“Excellent code editor”

It is a very useful code editor, it offers a good performance that is not unique to the one I work with, but one of the favorites for sustainability and efficiency I usually use it for small projectors that are not so complex.
It is a simple but powerful text editor based on open source that allows you to write code with high professionalism, offers advantages for both experts and beginners, is compatible with most of the programming languages currently used, as for the correction is very good in The analysis of errors that may occur, the visualization and interface are of quality and works correctly, it is also completely customizable something ideal since it can be edited according to my taste and way of working.It is usually sometimes slow, but does not affect the performance offered by this product.It is ideal in my work as a software developer, since it is practical, simple and adapted to most of the programming languages used today.
It is usually sometimes slow, but does not affect the performance offered by this product, of the rest of the functions it has been of quality and efficient.


The benefits include quicker and more accurate communications/feedback with clients. We have been using ATOM for less than 30 days so we are just beginning to see some of the benefits. Being able to take a phone message and note the file saves so much time and allows for better follow-up and follow-through. We no longer have to write a phone message and then locate the paper file to make notes. Much more efficient.
The office management software is everything you need to track clients. Everyone in the office can quickly see the status and note a phone call, message other office staff, or add needed documents without having to interupt the staff member working on the client file or go locate the actual paper file. IT WORKS!The client portal for secure communication with clients is just icing on the cake.
Wish we would have known about it sooner. We do wish there was an option to pay in full and not require monthly fees. Maybe a limited service to retain client data in same formats even if you could not make changes in the event a business wanted to downsize or close. We have no intentions of closing but was a concern if we no longer wanted a monthly expense.I do wish there was a one button option for moving someone from the lobby to tax prep. Something like the check-in option that front desk staff could click to move clients to each preparers office without accessing the office event screen but this is such a minor thing.

“Very Usefull but need very improvements”

Very nice but we think there are better alternatives.
The simple interface is very nice and easy to use by the way.I could manage tasks easely. Anyway there are improvemens in usability
The plugins by community is a very potential positive point. But the problem is the software almost never tested.
Switched From: 
Visual Studio Code
Reasons for Switching to ATOM: 
More plugin experience

“Atom Review”

My experience with atom so far has been on the average
The Atom software has a lot of features that makes it a very powerful for the purpose of coding in different languages.
the software has major issues with its live server extension which can be very frustrating when intending to view our work as you go





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