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We serve a variety of industries, including:- Real Estate- Digital Marketing- Professional Services- Health & Fitness- Retail & Ecommerce- Beauty & Care- Food- Education- Travel

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By providing the tools and content to create and customize premium video clips, aims to help users with the promotion of their business across social media platforms, as well as create campaigns to boost engagement, reduce cost-per-click, increase traffic, build brand awareness, or promote a product.With a library of over 12 million video clips and templates which can be edited and enhanced with licensed music, custom text, and logos.Grow your business with the power of video!

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Founded in 2012
Located in Israel

Starting Price $29.00/month
Free Demo Yes, get a free demo
Deployment Installed - Mac
Installed - Windows
Web-Based, Cloud, SaaS
iPhone / iPad
Training In Person
Live Online
Support 24/7 (Live Rep)

Pros:"Also very pleased with the incredible variety of quality, ready-to-customize videos on their site. Very good selection of background music to use as well.""Promo makes creating videos so easy and also allows for great editing to take the video to the next level. There are tons of great features to further improve the video and engage the audience.""The ease of using this product tops my pros list. The videos are numerous and wonderful quality.""It's changed up our social media across 3 brands and has helped showcase our material in creative ways. The templates are awesome and it's great to be able to add our own logos and fonts."
Cons:"I tried blocking the charges because I couldn't cancel and I was billed for 4 months. I never logged into their site used it at all.""I find that the platform freezes up from time to time making me have to restart an ad which is irritating.""After discussing the situation with him he went above and beyond to assist me in getting a refund even after accounting denied the first request.""There is very little I dislike. I do wonder whether they music library could be added to - even if it was just five tracks a month."

“The best promo video service I have found yet.”

With Promo we are able to make original content to keep our social media sites fresh with new videos. Promo also allows us to easily create individualized content for our agents to use on their own social media pages that brands them as their own business with their own contact information rather than the corporate information.
Great selection of stock videos to choose from.Premade templates available for easy editing.Suggestions of premade videos provided for the specific industry that you declare on sign up.Great selection of music to add to videos.Great selection of text overlay options to make videos look anywhere from fun to professional.Easy to change video format to fit different platforms.Easy to download video once completed.Customer service team is readily available to answer questions.New features and functionality being rolled out frequently.
I have not found anything about this software that I do not like. When I start to think to myself it would be nice if it had this feature, a feature similar if not exactly like that becomes available. I think they really listen to their customers feedback and requests.

“Amazing Platform”

The customer support has been unmatched, they have helped us even when it was our own mistake in reading information when we signed up and discounted our service. Also having that instant support with the chat and being able to fix small platform errors in only a few minutes could not be better. We got promo thinking we would make a few videos and cancel but since then it has helped get more people to our social pages and has let us show our services in a different way to our website visitors.
The quality of all of the video content whether it be premium or free content they are made beautifully. It is easy to customize any videos that work best for who you are advertising to and with our target market being health care professionals it is great to have so much healthcare related content to grow our social media and website.
I would like to be able to change font size within the text box, also be able to have two text boxes appear simultaneously within the same time frame.
Alternatives Considered: 
Reasons for Choosing 
The content on promo is miles ahead of any of the competition with videos that are diverse and are made properly. No matter what you are selling promo will have a vast video library for your product or service.
Switched From: 
Reasons for Switching to 
We actually did choose powtoon and purchased an annual plan we are currently trying to get out of because we have made close to 20 videos with promo and only 1 using powtoon due to the fact they only have 25 medical related videos(which are just bottles of pills and only last for 10 seconds) for the last 4 months of being a client.

“Great Asset for Our Marketing & Branding”

From day one I was able to create some great content. When I log in there is usually already a message I want to convey. The template library has more often than not given me ideas on how I want to convey that message. Over the last two years, Promo has helped me create professional content which has reached my target market, helped me to both create brand recognition and accomplish our marketing agendas. The number of compliments I receive on our videos is amazing. It's a great tool which I don't see not using well into the future of our organization.
Promo templates provide great baselines for creating content. Just recently all I had to do was brand a template and go. But generally, it is an easy to use software which enabled me to expand our brand and communicate our message in the most cost effective manner possible, while providing a high quality presentation. Which as a start-up company is very important.
Honestly, for the price, ease of use and functionality. I don't have any cons. This has been an incredible asset for my company. If I had one issue, I wish we could replace the green screen with images. But outside of that no issues.

“Disappointing ”

I had quite a few video credits (when I cancelled I still had 6) but this whole idea of making you pay a monthly fee just to keep your credit is very shady and disappointing for a company I have supported for many years. I know most companies chase the mighty dollar I just wish some kept the same honest attitude they had when they started.
The software itself has come a long way over the years and is easy to use and gives you decent video content.
-The price has been steadily increasing.-Customer service has been disappointing.





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