WooCommerce Product Designer

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WooCommerce Product Designer

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We serve online shop owners. If you sell with Woocommerce/Wordpress, you are at the right place. If your product is customizable ,this is what you need

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Product designer compatible with any product: t-shirts, signs, post cards, business cards, phone cases, decals.

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Located in Benin

Starting Price $45.00/one-time/user
Get future updatesGet six months support
Deployment Installed - Mac
Installed - Windows
Web-Based, Cloud, SaaS
iPhone / iPad
Training In Person
Live Online
Support 24/7 (Live Rep)
Business Hours

“This is the best way to go for E-commerce business!”

I used it as an experiment to open up a test store for my potential product. I used it after making tons of websites on shopify so it was pretty easy for me and I loved how it doesn't cost you a lot.
There are tons of themes available and there are so many plugins and extensions to help you with customising your website and the best part is that it is cheaper than Shopify. Plus you can boost up your SEO on this very easily.
Let's say it that way that if you are not familiar with basic concepts of Coding you will have a very tough time getting along with WooCommerce.

“Woocommerce the easiest way to create online stores”

Woocommerce has a large community. There are thousands of users who share information about the platform on a daily basis and resolve doubts about this tool, this makes it much easier to work with this CMS and that is why it is my favorite.
For those of us who have experience creating websites with wordpress woocommerce is the best option to follow to create e-commerce sites.We can download and use it for free without restrictions, its installation is very simple and its configuration is quite fast, especially since you have already used wordpress.We should not worry much about the design of our online store, since there are many templates with professional designs that we can use and adapt to make our site look great.Integrated SEO to be part of the installation of WordPress. With Woocommerce you will get positioned in the first results of Google search.The main internet payment gateways are integrated in Woocommerce. Thanks to these extensions you can install and configure your payment gateways without having to resort to a developer that integrates them in your store.
What I do not like is that in most cases we will need payment complements and inexpensive if we want to improve the functionality of our online store.

“Robust product customizer/designer for WooCommerce”

We've implemented this plugin (along with a number of additional add-ons) on a few different WooCommerce sites, and have been happy with the end result after some tweaking of the base plugin/add-ons.The same company also offers a 'suite' version of this product, which appears to be more 'all-in-one', but it seems to be a bit bloated with many things we didn't need.
This plugin provides a robust set of features out of the box for basic product customization needs such as colors, product variations, etc. There's a number of settings in the admin panel that allows you to restrict customization features globally as well, which is nice. For basic product customization, this plugin is the best you'll find.The support is also great, they answered our off-hours ticket request within the hour, logging into our admin panel to fix the issue we were having.
If you're looking to do more complex stuff such as text customization, placement of images, multiple product views, etc. - You'll have to purchase a number of add-ons, which quickly eclipse the price of the base plugin.The dashboard (in English) doesn't make sense in some places, due to poor translations, which can be a bit confusing.

“Good Value - Straightfoward”

creating a simple shopping website
easy integration with Wordpress allows creation of shopping site
Sometimes clunky in terms of how things look and feel on your site unless you really delve into HTML changes





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