Sage Business Cloud Accounting

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Sage Business Cloud Accounting

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Sage | Accounting is designed for small business owners who need essential accounting and bookkeeping features with anytime, anywhere access via the cloud on a Mac/PC or Apple/Android phone.

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Sage | Accounting (formerly Sage One) online accounting software gives you anytime, anywhere access to the most important small business essentials. Access daily to-dos like invoicing, time tracking, and expenses - through the cloud or on our mobile app. Multi-language and multi-currency enabled, see why successful business owners choose Sage | Accounting. Visit website for a complete list of features. Compatible with Mac/PC, Apple/Android. Start your 30 day free trial today!

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Founded in 1981
Located in United States

Starting Price $14.00/month
30-day Free Trial
Free Trial Yes
Deployment Installed - Mac
Installed - Windows
Web-Based, Cloud, SaaS
iPhone / iPad
Training In Person
Live Online
Support Business Hours

Sage Business Cloud Accounting

Sage Business Cloud Accounting

Sage Business Cloud Accounting

Sage Business Cloud Accounting

Sage Business Cloud Accounting

Pros:"It also helps accountant to have best connection with client because clients know what they should enter into the software and exchange information with their accountant effectively.""The best thing is we can access anywhere in the world.""My overall experience is good with sage accounting because this is the first software I used when I was in University.""The ability to keep all my financial information in the cloud is extremely useful."
Cons:"Clients were charged for software that they didn't even use. Some clients were charged for software that I had already paid for.""Customers get frustrated and several people messaging the company to let us know our system has a flaw. We have had several several hours on the phone with sage trying to get this corrected.""They haven't developed it and so it is a long way behind its competitors, with basic functionality missing and a poor user interface.""The service level of the new "SAGE" company was horrific, the treatment we received was shocking, everything took weeks and months to finalise."

“Sage Business Cloud - Cannot Do Business Without It”

I love the fact that my clients and I can share the same system in different locations. It also has an app that I can use on the go for invoicing and quotes.
Currently, I don't have any grips with the system.
Alternatives Considered: 
Reasons for Choosing Sage Business Cloud Accounting: 
I have been a Sage Pastel user for over a decade. when I heard that there was a cloud-based system available that offered such powerful, yet simple to use features, I had to give it a try. I have not been disappointed.

“Simple to learn, gives you great data”

I started a new job and I was up and running on invoicing at the end of the week, by week two I was able to post cash. It did take a little bit of time to familiarize myself the reports and with the general ledger. When I covered accounts payable it was also very intuitive. One of the most intuitive computer systems I have worked with ever.
The company I got a job with a few years ago used Sage, I was apprehensive about learning a new computer system but Sage was easy. It was intuitive if you have a little experience and accounting knowledge. It gives very great reports and gives you a lot of basic detail. I like.the fact that you can drill down to give various information.
There were a few times that I wish there was an online help to explain a few questions. There are a lot of reports and I feel like you may have to look at several reports to pull some advanced details.
Switched From: 
Reasons for Switching to Sage Business Cloud Accounting: 
A new job.

“Just don't”

I wanted to use Sage business accounting cloud for basic bookkeeping and I couldn't even do this. My experience was of utter frustration. Not only with the lack of capabilities and difficulty in using the software but even worse, with their billing department. I was charged the wrong amounts every single month. Clients were charged for software that they didn't even use. Some clients were charged for software that I had already paid for. Nobody in accounts could fix it. Not even the directors were able to fix it. What an absolute disaster. I am absolutely at a loss as to how they are still in business.
The sage logo hinted that it may be similar to their line 50 product. Oh, how wrong I was.There is quite literally nothing good I can say about this software, their customer support nor their accounts and billing team.,
It falls way short of functional. It couldn't be further behind the competition if they did nothing.Essential features like repeating invoices were missing.You can't pay with or receive into the director's loan account.You are restricted in the number and type of bank/cash accounts you can have.Fixing anything is a mammoth task and even then, it doesn't actually fic the issues.


Not that impressed. You can't get any subsequent support unless you pay for it.
The main go to accounting software and as you'd expect, covers all required accounting aspects.
The software cost is expensive for what it is and we don't like the fact that Sage lock you in then annually push up the prices for new functionality that most people never want.





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