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Animal Intelligence

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Veterinary practices of all sizes and all types from Mobile vets to Universities worldwide since 1993.

Product Details

Animal Intelligence Software, Inc. is the premier provider of practice management software solutions for innovative veterinary, medical, research facilities, government, and universities worldwide. We offer user-friendly applications with a level of customization not found in off-the-shelf solutions. We work with the latest technology, tailoring to the precise needs of our clients who desire state-of-the-art software and unmatched client support.

Contact Details

Animal Intelligence Software
Founded in 1993
Located in United States

Starting Price $40.00/month/user
Free Demo Yes
Deployment Installed - Mac
Installed - Windows
Web-Based, Cloud, SaaS
iPhone / iPad
Training In Person
Live Online
Support 24/7 (Live Rep)
Business Hours

“Animal Intelligence Review”

My overall experience with animal intelligence was very positive it allowed for effective communication among the veterinarian staff and the clients and also provided excellent demonstrated information to share.
What I like most about animal intelligence was that it was very user-friendly and allowed for our practice to manage our clients data and offer excellent feedback.
Well I like least about the software was that at times it could be a little difficult to find certain tabs but once you got the hang of it it was very user-friendly.

“Easy to use software with many options.”

Database is expansive. Easy to separate billing for different companies under the same roof. Able to upload files in order to go paperless. Easy to set up doctor schedules for appointment scheduling. Can easily be made to animal hospital specifications and needs.
Not the easiest to upload or find the dates when uploaded. If the clients have the same name, sometimes can be difficult in detecting who is whom. Completely reliant on server.

“Antiquated software with poor business ethics”

The software has minimal features which makes it easy to learn. I don't have any other positive comments but need a 100 word minimum so I am typing this sentence.
There are so many glitches with this software. Every new release brings more bugs. Every patch to fix said bugs, creates more bugs. I purchased a module to integrate our lab results with our reference lab and it never worked correctly. Animal Intelligence blamed the reference lab and the reference lab blamed Animal Intelligence. After months of trying to work through this problem I finally gave up and requested our money back as the product was faulty. I was denied a refund despite the fact that the module never worked properly. Not once. After 17 years with Animal Intelligence I was floored they would not offer a refund. I threatened to find a new software and bid me farewell! I was appalled. We ended up switching softwares and am so happy we did. Another clinic nearby was using Animal Intelligence and also purchased the lab module to have the same issues we did. They also requested their money back and were also denied. 10 years ago the software was great and customer service was awesome. The business has consistently declined since then

“Worst veterinary software on the market”

Their tax formats were helpful. [SENSITIVE CONTENT HIDDEN] in customer service tried. He is just strapped to an obsolete software system.
Cannot download labs into medical record, must manually load all vaccine serial numbers and expirations into the medical record, cannot send accurate vaccine reminders, no communication software, no text or email options
Switched From: 
Cornerstone Software
Reasons for Switching to Animal Intelligence: 
It was cloud based. But we had to keep cornerstone to send our vaccine reminders. We have added another software, Evet practice, wow what a difference. Still not perfect but usable and up to date.





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